10 Biggest Mal in the World, Indonesia Loses Competition?

10 Biggest Mal in the World, Indonesia Loses Competition?

Mal is already one of the most common recreational destinations or destinations in urban areas, both in Indonesia and other outside countries. It certainly encourages every country to build malls with majestic entities.

In fact, some of the malls scattered around the world were purposely built in splendor through their huge crisscrossing size. Streamlining from various sources, here are the 10 largest malls in the world. Will Indonesia pursue?

Biggest Mal in the World

10 Biggest Mal in the World, Indonesia Loses Competition?
10 Biggest Mal in the World, Indonesia Loses Competition?

10. Instanbul Forum

Beginning of journey to Turkey, certainly want to get to know the city of Istanbul which is rich in a very beautiful variety of cultures. However, you can also enjoy the modernization of the Istanbul Forum building, which is officially on the list of the world’s largest malls.

Istanbul Forum it The Salman is known to have an area reaching 5.33 million square feet. With this area, Istanbul Forum can present a variety of global standard shopping malls, such as IKEA, Decathlon, and street wear to high end fashion products.

9. SM City North EDSA

fly into the Asian area Southeast, you’d better glance at one of our neighboring countries that is the Philippines. With city development that can be said to be advanced, the Philippines presents SM City North EDSA as one of the largest existing malls in the world.

The thing is incarnated would SM City North EDSA have an area reaching 5.35 million square feet, with more than 800 shopping outlets including 300 dining outlets. Sure, visitors will be presented with interesting building designs.

8. Inconsiam

Still circling the area Southeast Asia, you must be familiar with the country of Thailand known as one of the quite popular international tourist destinations. No wonder! In addition to the beauty of nature and culture, Thailand is contributing to the distribution of malls.

bear no responsibility, with an area reaching 5.6 million square feet, Inconsiam stands magnificent for both local and tourist visitors. Of course, such considerable area ensures the variety of shopping and recreation spaces needed.

7. Central World

Still surviving in Thailand, the Central World mall building is quite famous on an international scale. Who would have thought it was one of the largest malls in the world.

Yup, with broad achieving 5.9 million square feet, Central World offers quite a few shopping malls focused on technology, fashion, beauty, to the needs of other residents. Without exception recreational places to simply hangout.

6. Central Plaza West Gate

As one of the countries which is very popular with tourists and the tourism world, Thailand to the maximum presents magnificent shopping malls. It is the West Gate Central Plaza with a building area reaching 5.9 million square feet.

the aforementioned excess give a wider space for visitors gaining a wide selection of shopping carts as well as expected recreation spots. With no exception IKEA is dominating with an area of 50,278 square meters.

5. Golden Resource

Fly to the land of Tiongkok, you might imagine a country that is very thick with a wealth of customs and culture that is so beautiful. But you know what? In addition, China is contributing to the development of the most successful cities.

one of the evidences of the bid for development in China is the Golden Resource in the capital Beijing. Reaching an area of 6 million square feet, Golden Resource presents more than 1000 shopping carts, both products and services, to the needs of residents.

4. B.C. Tianjing

You crave building the most magnificent mall yet standing in a unique and different design? SM Tianjing located in Tianjin, China can be used as one of the recreational destinations, as it stands in the concept of arqui tectonica architecture.

In addition, get into the world’s top five largest mall, B.C. Tianjing is known to have an area reaching 6 million square feet. With those advantages, B.C. Tianjing presents a wide variety of booth and other entertainment centers.

3. Mall of Istanbul

Istanbul has always been one of the most attractive cities in Turkey, thanks to its cultural beauty and the development progress that accompanies it. As a result, Istanbul’s distinctive features combined its role as the center of economy, culture and history.

Such thing can you felt when visiting the Mall of Instanbul. With a network of global stores and restaurants, as well as movie theaters and theme parks conceptually indoor, the Mall of Instanbul stands magnificently with an area reaching about 7 million square feet.

2. South China Mall

Ter development says moving forward, fast and successful can be seen from the positions of cities spread across the country of China. One of them on the existence of the world’s second largest mall building, which is the South China Mall, which has an area of 7.1 million square feet.

As his name suggests, South China Mall itself is a shopping mall located in southern China. With a considerable area, the South China Mall is known to have about 2,000s of shopping malls presenting resident gear.

1. Iran Mall

Depart for East Tin the middle, Iran can be said to be quite proud of the grandeur of Iran Mall as one of the best and largest shopping malls in the world. With an extensive range of 21 million square feet, all necessities are definitely available in them.

Specifically, launch from Databases, Iran Mall is known to have nearly 700 shopping gerai, 200 restaurants in three pujasera, and many bookstores. Not to mention, the IMAX cinema building has a capacity of up to 2,000 seats. In addition, there are three hotels with 450 rooms and conference rooms have a capacity of 3,000 guests.

Final Words

That’s the 10 list of malls that are arguably the largest in the world. Not only does it have a large size only, but in fact these malls also have very diverse functions.

It is certainly very beneficial for a country. This is because various products can be exhibited and sold there.

In addition, the community will be greatly helped by being able to make festive events in a magnificent and multifunctional building.

If visiting the countries already mentioned above, don’t forget to visit the mall as well yes. You can hunt for favorite items, as well as just looking around to spoil your eyes.

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