15 Thailand's Most Delicious Food

15 Thailand’s Most Delicious Food

Thailand is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the southeast Asia region. This country in Bangkok does have something that makes it worth visiting. Starting with historic places, shopping places, traditions that are hereditary and unique, as well as various things – other things.

One that becomes a recommendation is in terms of food. Thai food is a food by being cooked with seasoning and a typical Thai recipe. The characteristic of Thai food and cuisine is spicy and full of seasoning, yet combined with a balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy flavors.

With such a variety of foods, it will certainly make you confused to start where you used to be. To this end, in this article, I will compile 15 of Thailand’s most delicious foods worth a try.

Thailand’s Most Delicious Food

15 Thailand's Most Delicious Food
15 Thailand’s Most Delicious Food

1. Tom Yum Goong

Everyone agrees if this food is representative of the whole of Typical Thai cuisine. A cuisine with bold seasoning, combining a mixture of fragrant chrysanthemums, chili peppers, galangal, orange leaves, onions, lime juice and fish sauce.

The shape of this soup is very simple, giving a taste of kicking spice. Fresh shrimp and mushrooms spoil the body. A versatile dish that can be accommodated in mealtime, a distinctive smell considering You about exotic perfumes, while it’s sour flavor hot describes Thailand itself.

2. Som Pak Ru Gangam

This food is soup. Soup that combines sweet, sour and spicy flavors. A blend of fresh carrots, cabbage leaves, and green beans and is commonly served together with typical Thai green peppers and vegetables.

3. Pad Thai

Pad thai constitutes one of the Thai foods that is a favorite for any foreign tourist visiting Thailand. This food is made of noodles mixed with bean sprouts, eggs and onions. In its manufacture, this food can taste delicious because of the stirrup the accompanying seasoning unaan, such as fish soy sauce, chili powder, sugar as well as peanuts.

The first moment contracted the chips, guaranteed you’ll definitely feel hooked on going back to try them.

4. Gaeng Daeng

If Pad Thai is food based on noodles, then Gaeng Daeng has other ingredients. This one’s food is made from beef pieces, fine coconut cream, red curry paste and sprinkled with lime.

This food is make our taste is so aromatic, that it can appeal to those of you who taste it.

5. Kheaw Wan Gang gai

Kheaw Wan Gai Gang is one of Thailand’s signature cuisines made from fresh chicken cutlets with green tomatoes that can stir the taste. In addition to green tomatoes, this food is made with bamboo shoots and coriander, then mixed with basil leaves, set make this dish very special

While for meah it is made from tomatoes and leaves green rice which is made into paste and mixed with thick coconut cream and various distinctive seasonings.

6. Keow Wan Gang

Become the menu that always searched looked for by tourists, this menu may be better known with Thai Green Curry. A mixture of green curry paste, bamboo shoots, sliced chicken meat, coconut cream, basil leaves, galangal, chrysanthemum to Thai eggplant makes the curry taste rich be crumbly spice. This food is often served white rice.

7. Panang Gai

Still from domain Thailand, Panang Gai is a mixture of red curry paste fried with meat shredded before being irradiated with coconut cream. It’s not just spicy taste that you can taste, but there’s still a fresh essence of orange splash slurred.

8. Som Tam

Dish this one is made from crushed shredded papaya. By its variety, Som Tam is distinguished into three types, som tam using the basic ingredients of salted black crab, som tam plara made from salted carp, salted soy sauce, long beans and white eggplant, and also som tam thai made from peanuts and ebi.

9. Gang Massaman

Car food the last I was Gang Massaman. In contrast to previous curry dishes, it is dominant with a sweet taste. The curry sauce is made from a combination of curry paste, coconut cream, and its strong taste comes from beans, a little nutmeg and cinnamon. Massaman is also usually made with chicken meat shredded and potato pieces, the savor no more feeling. It suits you who delights in dense spiced dishes.

10. Gai Pad Pongali

Based on chicken meat, onion, tomato as well as paprika, all later with yellow curry paste. The texture is finer, and another advantage that makes the dish spectacular is that the presence of eggs directly placed on the menu makes it more thick and blended with other ingredients. You will also find parsley in Yan portion is quite a lot. It is commonly served with white rice.

11. Gang Jued

If it’s the existing line of food, Gang Jued can be said to be one that falls into the healthy category, because the basic ingredients used are mostly vegetables, ranging from carrots, cabbage, onions and there are tofu, soun, finely chopped bacon, to fresh parsley leaves. It looks like a rainbow, color dominance multicolored vegetables and fresh.

12. Jim Jum

Name of the meal this one may sound unfamiliar in your ears. This food is cooked using pots made of clay. Jim Jum is an aromatic broth made from bacon boiled together with cabbage, eggs, soun and basil leaves typical of Thailand. All ingredients are boiled simultaneously in such clay pots.

13. Kao Na Phet

Grilled duck, This one meat meal is a specialty in most countries in Asia. Kao Na Phet is one of the Kamulan menus with duck base ingredients, served delicately on a plate, rice with a choice of duck meat parts. It also comes with duck soup.

14. Kai Jiew Moo Saap

This cuisine wheezes use egg omelet as its cooking style, it tastes almost the same as egg omelet used to be served at home. It’s just that this food is enriched with a mixture of fish soy sauce and finely chopped bacon. This egg mixture is then added to the top of warm rice, and can be ditad to with samba sauce I suit your taste.

15. Kai Med Ma Money

If before Kao Na pet is made with Duck basic ingredients, eating Kai Med Ma Muang is food with chicken basic ingredients. This food is almost the same way it is served, yet it is how to cook it by being sauteed. Other ingredients are roasted beans, sweet soy sauce, onions, chili, pepper, carrots and mushrooms. And the way the presentation goes in add with warm white rice.

Final Words

That’s the fifteenth typical Thai food. Have you ever tried it?

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