20 Natural Face Beauty Tips

20 Natural Face Beauty Tips

How to make a natural white face in 1 week may sound impossible, however, how to make a clean white face naturally and quickly could have been done. Natural facial treatment before going to bed is best done every night.

Tips on taking care of a face with a custom-made mask may have been your frequent search. How to treat an oily face and how to treat a face for youth may be done within the same time.

How to take daily facial care and how to make a natural white face in a short time could be achieved by following the following tips.

Natural Face

1. Drink Much Water

Even if you just the natural dehydrates lightly, the body does not function optimally. As you dehydrate, the skin will be the first target and cause it to look dull, dry, and slack.

2. Consumption of Rich Food Antioxidant

Antioxidants are biological is best for the body to help it fight disease and aging in a way that reduces damage as well as inflammation. Inflammation is the initial cause of the appearance of wrinkles. Multiple sources of antioxidants the best is blueberries, fruit pomegranate, acai berries, goji berries, spinach, raspberries, beans, grains, purple wine, dark chocolate, and organic green tea.

3. Balance Nutrition Intake

Free radical in body could cause the occurrence of a decrease or alteration of cell structures including skin cells. Foods with good nutritional intake could help neutralize free radicals. You need to consume food with some kind of antioxidant content agar he could work optimally. Think about what food color you miss often and start balancing nutrients.

4. Organic Food

This habit limits the spread of toxin causes aging.

5. Limiting Exposure to Sunlight

Vitamin D obtained from exposure to sunlight is good for the body, but you should be careful how much light exposes the body. Don’t forget to always wear sunglasses with UV coating and use sunscreen on the way out of the room.

6. Select Care with Natural Content

Many of my care products lit has quite a harsh chemical content. When choosing moisturizer or makeup, don’t forget to consider the makeup. Do research in advance on the contents of it buy.

7. Use Poison-Free Cleaning Products

This helps limit coolie exposure against toxins that could have been absorbed by the pores.

8. Pet Plants

Indoor pollution could be more be tall compared to outdoors. Keeping plants indoors can be a strain  is natural to you.

9. Moderate Vitamin C

The habit of taking vitamin C makes wrinkles are getting harder and harder coming. Researchers discovered the fact that skin given sufficient amounts of vitamin C intake could produce collagen over a longer period of time.

10. Avoid Sugar

Sugar may cause collagen breakdown and elastin, which became the beginning of the appearance of wrinkles.

11. Eat Healthy Fat

Healthy fats and good for the body is contained in foods such as avocado fruits, olive oil, flax seeds, nuts, and fish. The fatty acids contained in such foods are important to make the skin look younger.

12. Clean Your Body

Stacking toxin di body as a result of air, water, and food may cause aging. Body detoxes such as juice cleanse are highly recommended so that the body can focus on energy production and elimination of toxins. drink a glass of water with a loyal lemon squeeze morning is also very helpful.

13. Perform Activity Stress reliever

Stress levels are tinned will certainly cause changes to your skin. Try doing yoga or meditation when you feel stressed.

14. Sufficient Sleep

Your skin is segmental and fix itself while you sleep. Make sure you can get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night.

15. Regular Exercise

It doesn’t need to be heavy, however you have to be consistent. Regular sweating and exercise may help improve oxygen circulation and nutrition as well as eliminate toxins from the body. This will lead you to a more skimpy look and tight. And don’t forget to smile often because such habits are the best exercise for your face.

16. Consumption of Healthy Foods

According to Naomi Moriyama in her book Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat, the secret recipe for Japanese women’s beauty is the healthy lifestyle they lived early on. Japanese women are accustomed to consuming ingredients that are natural and highly nutritious in their daily diet.

Fish, seaweed, vegetables, soybeans, rice, fruit, and green tea containing nutrients and high antioxidants are the most frequently used food items in Japanese dishes. In addition to preventing cancer, antioxidants in these ingredients are also effective in maintaining the germination an cell.

17. Consumption of Matcha (Green Tea)

Matcha is a green tea in powder form commonly used in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan. It is commonly known that it contains many benefits for skin health and beauty.

Green tea contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are higher than most fruits. Regular taking it keeps women in Japan young and away from illness.

Green tea can also brighten the skin as well as overcome acne. Green tea in the sac is also potent to deal with the eyes that are slabbed due to fatigue or lack of fluid.

18. Clay Mask

According to ELLE’s article, one of the secrets of Japanese women’s beauty is clay mask or clay mask. Yumiko Murata, Senior beauty editor stated that this mask is powerful for lifting dirt on the face.

19. Tsubaki Oil (Camelia Oil)

The oil extracted from these camellia flowers and seeds has been the secret of the beauty of Japanese women’s skin and hair for a long time. It’s because it is rich in vitamins A and E.

Reported by Japan Info, the best camellia oil comes from Oshima. The women there had hair along the well-grooved toes and shiny healthy skin. Apparently they used to apply tsubaki oil all over the body and hair.

20. Consumption of Adzuki Nuts

Adzuki is a kind of small-sized red bean popularly consumed in Japan. According to an article reported by Savvy Tokyo, Japanese women used to consume adzuki beans for health and beauty since the Nara Period.

They also used to use pulverized dried adzuki for exfoliation. The foodstuff still brewed with these green beans is rich in antioxidants and saponin. Its antioxidants are effective in overcoming acne, comedo, and fine lines. Meanwhile, saponin is helpful in cleaning as well as summarizing pores.

Final Words

As a woman, a natural beauty is one of her dreams. With natural beauty, surely you no longer need makeup when you have to travel everywhere. Natural beauty rather gives the owner its own touch of elegance.

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