Comfortable Like Bali Villa House Design Inspiration And Cool

Comfortable Like Bali Villa House Design Inspiration And Cool

Bali’s villa-style house design later became a house design that many people love. It’s because the villa design in Bali is identical highlighting a comfortable and soothing tropical tone. Combining traditional, modern and tropical concepts, Bali’s villa-style home design is capable of presenting classy-looking shades and synergies with nature. For those of you who want to build a dream house with a villa-villa-style design in Bali, here are some inspirational Balinese villa-style house designs you can reference. Let’s check it out guys!

Bali Villa House Design

1. Balinese villa-style 3rd floor house design that is soothing and chime with the green scenery around it

Well for those of you who want to own luxury houses like villas in Bali, then you can imitate the design of villa like the image above. The design of the house is built into 3 floors where the top floor is a rooftop with Bali’s signature bale bengong and gazebo for relaxation.

Wooden elements used for pool decks and some parts in house architecture make appearances… an house becomes more natural. Swimming pools and green grassy lawns and tropical plants around it seem to add to the impression of a soothing villa in Bali.

2. Design of a 1-story Balinese villa-style house with several separate buildings and surrounding the swimming pool

If you’ve stayed at several villas in Bali, surely you’re familiar with the stylistsan detached building. Like the building for the main sleeping room, the building for the living room and the dining room area. Most of those rooms are in separate buildings. If you have adequate land, there is nothing wrong with building a house. It’s a villa in Bali this one. Don’t forget the center of your yard is filled with swimming pools to further impress a villa-style home in Bali.

3. Design of Balinese villa-style houses that use reed roofs
Bali’s Ala Villa House Design Inspiration
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Villa with a reed roof, you must have met often in Bali. Villa with a reed roof is indeed capableu give a different nuance to the appearance of occupancy. You can bring the soothing shades of Bali villa into your home design. Although the care is more extra than the usual roof, the nuance given will make you feel like a vacation di Bali.

4. 3-story Balinese villa-style house design with pillars, ornaments and natural elements typical of Bali

Next there is a modern yet thick 3-story house design with distinctive Balinese shades. Start at Carved, application of natural stone elements, solid foundation to its balance with nature. All of these things, of course, you often encounter houses and villas in Bali.

5. Balinese villa-style house design with semi-outdoor building

Most villas in Bali have semi-outdoor buildings that facilitate access to outdoor areas. You can even create a Bali villa-style house by making a semi outdoor house. Start from choosing a door with wide openings, or making the kitchen and dining room area in the room open. The view of the house will also be more beautiful by placing a fish pond in front of the main building and set the yard up to be neat and beautiful.

6. Charming Balinese villa-style first floor house design with pool

Villa in Bali never gets away from what’s called a swimming pool. To a house in Bali’s typical villa style, don’t forget to add a pool tailored to the area of land you own. You can also build exotic first – floor houses with tinned windows and glass doors. Don’t forget to give me a deck area that can be used for sunbathing after finishing swimming.

7. House design with an exotic Bali-style jineng roof

Lime roofs may have been commonplace, to give Balinese shades to your habitation, you can also choose a jineng roof so that your dwelling can reflect the exotic atmosphere of Bali villa. The jineng roof has a unique curved shape, this type of roof is often used on several villas in Bali. With dominating wooden material, you can enjoy a calming home atmosphere like a private villa in Bali.

8. Bali villa-style house design with family room, dining room and kitchen be on a semi-outdoor room

The next inspiration of Bali villa-style house design is du house· a floor that adopts the modern, minimalist concept and characteristics of the Balinese villa. Start from a pool that never escapes from a villa in Bali. Ornamental on walls, natural stone elements on sturdy pillars, as well as its balance with nature. And the highlights are semi-open rooms that are utilized as family rooms, dining room areas and kitchens.

9. Bali villa-style house design equipped with Bali’s signature bale bengong

Next there is a second-floor house design equipped with pillarang stout typical house in Bali. Still with swimming pools and semi-outdoor rooms for family rooms, dining room and kitchen areas, this house’s design further reflects the shades of houses or villas in Bali with Bali’s typical bale bengong on one side of your house. This bale bengong can also be beneficial for welcoming guests or places to relax.

10. Bali villa-style second floor house design without yard

For those of you who possess not too great a land, but desire to make a villa-style residence in Bali is complete with its swimming pool, then you can imitate the design of the house as shown above. The main building consisting of two floors is used for the main sleeping room and children’s sleeping room and one semi-outdoor building for space and family, a dining room arena and kitchen. And the rest could be used to make a small size swimming pool.

11. Minimal Balinese villa-style luxury house design

By following the design of the house as shown above, You can have a luxurious and comfortable villa-style house in Bali. A spacious second floor building, a typical Balinese 2 bale bengong that can be used to welcome guests to a spacious swimming pool. Planting Cambodian flowers on several corners of the courtyard can also be one way for your dwelling to have the shades of a villa in Bali.

12. Modern minimalist house design with style concept villa Bali

This luxurious-looking house design applies the style the building of a Balinese house incorporated with modern concepts on its exterior. The roof of a house with an equilateral triangular shape and the presence of a arch on the right side became the main key that gave Bali’s atmosphere its overall look. Then there were carvings on the walls and tropical plants that adorned the front view of the house further beautified the exterior and improved me… at the nuance of his Balinese architecture.

13. Modern minimalist house design with trophy concepts ala villa in Bali

The exterior of the house is constructed by recombining a Balinese style of architecture and minimalism. The roof of a house with a trapesium shape is inspired by the shape of a Balinese roof house. Swimming pools with decks for sunbathing and greenery and trees also further strengthen Bali Island’s shades of the house.

14. Modern house design typical of Bali villa with feel soothing tropics

The exterior of the house is constructed by recombining a Balinese style of architecture and minimalism. The combination of black and white colors is identical to the minimalist decorating style. The roof of a house with a trapesium shape is inspired by the shape of a Balinese roof house. A gazebo with a traditional and natural design is built in one corner of the backyard of the house prettily. The greenery and trees also further strengthen the shades of the Balinese villa on this house.

15. Modern luxury house design villa style Bali

One more Bali villa-style house design that you can use imitating is a luxurious house design with a 2-story construction that looks very pretty with its exterior inspired by Balinese house and villa. The shape of the roof and wall decorations play an important role in creating a thick Balinese atmosphere on its exterior, then the pool ornament with the shape of a typical Balinese arch completes the exterior decoration of the house. Don’t forget green garden with tropical trees increasingly characterizing the shades of the typical Bali villa.

Final Words

Well that’s some of the inspirational Balinese villa-style house designs that you can use as a reference in building your dream home. So which Bali villa-style ruma design do you think is the most attractive one?

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