Find the Latest Home Design Inspiration? Replicate 15 Examples from Different Countries

Find the Latest Home Design Inspiration? Replicate 15 Examples from Different Countries

What does home mean to you? The answer can vary, but it is certain that the house is not just a residence but also a reflection of the owner. Because of this, choosing a house design should be tailored to your character according to your taste and your liking.

It’s just that there are still many confused homeowners when asked what kind of house they want to build. Finally the origin just goes along with the generally worn home design trend. Well in this year, there are some 2019 home design inspirations you can follow.

The Latest Home Design Inspiration

In 2019 this design trend the homes of many countries are still minimalist conception. This style emphasizes reducing unnecessary objects and taking only the basic basic functions of space and buildings.

1. Use of beautifying wood modern house interior design

Do you want to make a house looking pretty? Some wooden furniture and wooden decorations can make your home, including bedroom areas, kitchens, dining rooms, and veranda beautiful and natural shades.

2. Producing the look of a wood house Gables in Italy

This latest house design is forgetful a beautiful wooden house look where it is mostly applied in Italian areas. This petite-shaped house was made from several wooden ornaments. Ornamental with box-shaped windows aging is unique and comfortable to live in.

3. Japanese ornate residence charming, blurring indoor boundaries- outdoor like Kofunaki house concept

Next is the design of the house the latest to come from the concept of a Japanese house and known as the Kofunaki House. Inside the house are several types of wood that make it look even more beautiful and beautiful. Differences from wooden vibes from number 1, this house looks minimalistic more and clean. The stairs and two chairs and some furniture made the house fit the question. The decorations look amazing, not exaggerated and minimalistic.

4. Minima rectangular house list inspired from the idea in Casa Cambes

Simple and elegant castle model with several decorative ornaments this minimalist style is a private house located in the hills of Cambes Barcelos, Portugal. This kind of design concept you can apply thanks to its shape minimalist, yet it still looks modern. Don’t need many patches hand over large ornaments or spaces, occupancy like this is guaranteed to make the atmosphere even more calm and cool.

5. Convenient Rectangular House of Idyllic Austria

Don’t mistake the edges just yet, this simple elongated house isn’t as bad as you imagine. The front looks simple like a tiny castle, but you can take advantage of the long hallway plus the garden that soothes the view.

Rectangular-shaped house in Austria this is minimalist decorating and is ideal for small families. Small dwellings with tiny windows, spaces with small spaces and tiny entrances also look simple but elegant. The outside of the castle looks epic, orderly and tidy.

6. Set up a square dwelling of a rest tub in the middle of a forest

As for the latest house design with minimalist design that makes the habitation more comfortable. This beautiful, square-shaped dwelling looks epic and fits on a hillside in California. The house is set up to 10 to 12 feet above the flat space. For those of you who choose occupancy around nature, it is perfect to apply a model like this.

7. Additional ornaments of modern attractive houses in Rhinebeck, New York

Next is the inspiration of the 2019 home design made tera modern impression with a minimalist look. This elegant modern house is very popular in the New York area today.

8. Monochromatic Style Minimalist House in Girona, Spain

From Spain there are also examples of 2019 house designs that can you follow. Precisely a complete set of minimalist small family homes located in Girona, Spain with unique, elegant and modern futuristic concepts.

9. Modern cabin from the Netherlands with artificial hill camouflage

The design inspiration of this house constitutes a small family home Modern Dutch made nuances of mountain illusions. This residence is a kind of architectural project equipped with artificial hills, incorporating the concept of a unique and modern structured house.

10. Modern villa in Mallorca with spacious interior and a beautiful panoramic view.

The minimalist house nuanced the open nature with a combination of the fancy interior correction and superb views. Some futuristic ornate furniture makes the dwelling comfortable and pretty to look at.

11. Integrated style house with nature in Silicon Valley, tea house by architect Swatt Miers

When you plan to create a minimalist style tea garden dwelling concept because you want to blend in with its shades of nature, you can adapt the habitation located in Silicon Valley, California in the U.S. This ornate house of modern tea plantation consists of a transparent steel and glass pavilion, atop the natural landscape.

12. GM1 House, occupancy in Colombia featuring minimalist design approach

GM1 House was designed by Colombian studio GM Arquitectos, located in Girardot, Colombia. This 2019 home design gives the intensity of a thick relaxing atmosphere and a view that brings the sensation of tourist spots.

13. Sculptural Geometrical Architecture that plays with light

The house was designed by architects centered on Tel-Aviv, featuring designs for consept residence. The white box has very simple ornaments, depending on the blank and architectural details to build a cheerful sense in the minimalist dwelling space.

There is no need to give a heavy impression on interiors with unnecessary objects. Design the site is simplified but offers accommodation with a pretty and unique design.

14. Statue House in Munich Built Using Prefabricated Materials

This mini-shaped wooden dwelling was developed specifically to serve the needs of families in quiet areas combined with natural elements.

According to its architect, exterior walls and wooden roofs made of prefabricated elements are ditutupi with vertical wood. The inner space layout is based on the bulkhead and as the center of the room the house is a minimally designed open living room.

15. Puristische Villa, a simple yet spectacular shape

The last 2019 house design you can follow is the occupancy that adopts from the fashion villa ornate resto. But it’s not a commercial restaurant in general. This dwelling is a simple form of modern minimalist house themed “connected to the open”.

Final Words

House buildings in the minimalist style are still very popular to date. Perhaps you can add some ornaments to better suit your style. During innovating.

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